What Is Jitter Clicking?

Jitter clicking can be a useful and easy way to perform activities in-game utilizing only your mouse.

The beatings created when you click your mouse button at a fast pace will activate distinct abilities or function skills on a faster scale than if you weren’t able to utilize this method; in turn, allowing players to level up for entire map purposes more quickly.

The muscles that create the vibrations from the jitter clicking procedure are located in your forearms so first drawing and bending your arms before jitter clicking allows for greater vibration power which ultimately enhances the number of times you can click per second, maximizing how many times particular buttons need to be pressed within a specific amount of time once required for any purpose.

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Can You Jitter Click with Any Mouse?

Jitter clicking with any mouse

Jitter clicking with any mouse

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Because I have been jitter clicking for an extended time, today I am going to tell you about the significance of not using other body parts besides your fingers to work your piece of hardware.

Here is another really important thing – make sure you have wrist support at all times. It might appear like a nuisance but it’s totally worth it.

Whether you’re flinging a Behemoth bird onto a format of Idols, or recovering your partners as a Cleric, it can be disorientating to no longer have that W, A, S, and D (or arrow keys) in front of you.

The number one error people create when learning how to play Sanctuary is always mapping old keyboard shortcuts to their fingers.

You cannot notice clicks with any mouse, but you can jitter click with most of the mice obtainable in the market if it’s not a 90s mouse crowded with dust.

How To Click Faster Without Jitter Clicking

If you don’t like to use jitter click, you can do fast clicking instead. Although it’s called fast clicking, the rate is barely slower compared to jitter click. And here’s how to click faster without jitter clicking.

1. Tense Your Arm

Pulling your arm will not just help you to jitter click, but it can also allow you to click faster without you holding to jitter click. To do this, you just require to pull up your arms until your fingers are vibrating. Then, place your hand on the mouse and start clicking fast.

2. Use a Different Position

You can simply place your hand on the mouse in a normal position. But there’s also a distinct position that can help you to click faster and more easily.

You will require to press your thumb with your index finger jointly, simply like a pinch. Then, hold your mouse in an arch-like placement. This way you’re adding more power to your hand so that the beating can transmit easily to your finger.

So, those are some pieces of advice on how to jitter click that you can follow. If you don’t want to operate the jitter click, you can use the fast click instead.

Preserve in mind that it carries time to be good at jitter clicking, so keep rehearsing and follow the teachings on how to jitter click nicely so that you can get to the level that you want shortly.

Can Jitter Clicking Hurt You? 

Can jitter click hurts

perhaps Yes and perhaps No. The answer depends on your station because your muscles will be damaged in the long run when you over-jitter click. 

 Some gamers have indeed claimed that jitter clicking causes them arthritis. still, the substantiation hasn’t been set up in favor of the claim, but I recommend you be within the limit. 

When I was a freshman in jitter clicking, my muscles hurt, and it’s quite normal when you're just getting started. 

 As newcomers aren't used to the system, they will end up hurting their forearm muscles and jitters. 

 I'll suggest you do 10- 20 drive-ups before starting jittering for many months in the veritably morning. This will warm up your arms, and they won’t hurt much.


Make sure your hands don’t get in touch with any element of the mouse or office because this will distribute the vibration of your forearms, performing at low pressure and reducing the CPS. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep the mouse while jitter clicking? 

 While jitter clicking, you should always keep the mouse placed at nearly 60 to 120 degrees. This will help you to get a better grip. 

Also, no way hold your mouse. Just keep your fingertips in contact with the buttons as withholding will again reduce the CPS. 


How important is CPS jitter clicking?

On average, six clicks per second is considered as jitter clicking, which can move maximum as important as you can.

What’s the thing about jitter clicking?

The thing about shimmer clicking is to press the mouse button at an extremely fast rate for better performance in the game. This gives you an edge over other gamers.

Final Studies

I've named several high-quality mouse for you to consider that are available on the request and that point to numerous helpful functions.

Of course, I always recommend you limit clicking to reduce any implicit issues with your computer, but in case you’re a stress clicker, use these suggestions to find the right mouse for your game style rather.